Early Summer Musings

Hello from steamy Barcelona,
  It's June 8th, 2015.  Barça won the Champions League. The swallows have arrived and are singing their beautiful songs in the courtyards of the l'Eixample blocks. Everywhere you look, there are tourists with their faces buried in smartphones, wandering blindly around the city.
 The other day as I was walking around with my own face buried in my smartphone, I had a thought. It seems like we are living in an uncomfortable transition period. We still need to walk, to drive, to physically move around this world. And yet, we so much want to crawl in to that "other world"....whatever comes next. But it's just not big enough to hold us yet. So we stumble around, glimpsing this other place through our little phones and hopefully, not walking in front of a bus while we do it.