The Oceans of Ganymede

Well, here I am again, at the tail end of the 2 years or so that goes into making a record. I always think that this time it will be different and that I'll be totally happy with everything and that mixing will be a breeze. But the reality is that I'm never satisfied with what I've done and end up meekly sending it off into the world with the faint hope that somebody, somewhere might find a few seconds of it that doesn't completely suck.  That said, I was wise enough to involve a really talented you engineer this time. His name is Roman Urazov and and he's mixing the new album THANK GOD! He's doing an incredible job, far beyond anything I could have achieved on my own.

So, originally I was going to call the album Happy Man. Then is was changed to Girl and I think there might have been another title or 2 along the way. But then one day I read about Jupiter's largest moon, Ganymede, and how it has a liquid salt water ocean beneath it surface that might have more water than all of Earth's oceans combined. I became fascinated with the idea of this great ocean in the sky. Around that time, many people seemed to be dying including David Bowie who has always been a hero of mine. So, somehow, I came up with the idea that maybe our souls travel to this vast and peaceful ocean after we die, and there we encounterour loved ones once again.

  So, on March 1st, which is the birthday of my grandmother Dorothy Ida Brown, Brazzaville will release The Oceans Of Ganymede. I hope you're able to find some part of it that that moves you in some way.

David Arthur Brown-

Barcelona 2016