Brazzaville is dedicated to the naïve idea that the world is a beautiful place filled with wonder. We believe that there is another reality, just below the surface of our waking world, in which all is well. This is the true reality for us. We are committed to becoming less afraid of the world around us by helping others whenever possible. We love playing music and we dream of having a ship that runs on waste oil so that we may travel the seven seas making new friends and eating salted cod and mangosteen.

Things we like

the Barcelona Airport, freighters, sugarcane juice, pumpkin pie, Perrier, rooftop gardens, jetlag poetry, old people, van tours, compost heaps, salted fish, bio diesel, green coconuts,
tree houses, body surfing, weather forecasts, seaweed farms, tooth gaps, hammocks, hotsprings, cumulonimbus clouds, early mornings, laundromats, banana pancakes, kreteks, super 8 cameras, Chinatowns (worldwide), english bulldogs, Little Tokyo (LA) , mangosteen, summer thunderstorms and burning fields smell.



live shows